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6 week old feeding

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butterbeerfloat Wed 21-Jan-15 11:34:15

Hi I'm a first time mum and EBF my DS who is 6 weeks today smile
Through the night and today so far he has been feeding for 7 minutes at a time and pulls himself off with mouth firmly shut then has a nap (I offer boob #2 but he just clamps the lips).
The naps last between 5 mins and 20 mins before he's wanting another feed, which again he stops after 7 mins confused
This is quite different from his usual 30 min feeds every 2-3 hours!

I'm guessing this is a growth spurt, I'm lucky enough to have a couple of days I can sit on the sofa doing this before I have any other responsibilities at the weekend but my question is - well first of all does this sound normal to you more experiences mums? And also as he is only feeding for short amounts, how many times shall I offer the same breast? I don't want to keep going left right left right and have him never reach the hind milk IYSWIM

Thanks for the help!

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