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Bloody growth spurts

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OneDayMySleepWillCome Tue 20-Jan-15 09:47:44

Arrrrrrgh!! Just a total rant.

DS is going through the 6 month growth spurt and possibly teething at the sametime. From 3am yesterday until 5am today (26 hours) he fed every 30mins-1hr. Screamed every time I put him down, intermittent temperature, refusing the little solids he had started having 2 weeks ago totally. Couldn't even lie in our bed with him through the night, had to sit up in the chair in the nursery. To make matters worse, annoying husband decided still to go to his hobby last night from 8pm-1am (it's a distance away) & then was so shattered when he got in that he just snored all through the night- I could hear him from the nursery! He didn't even wake to see to 3yo dd who has a bad cold so kept waking for tissues, drinks, hugs eye. So I had them both pretty much solid all day and night. I know single parents do this everyday but I'm not used to it! I have the same cold as dd. I think I maube got to sleep at 5.30 for the first time. Dhs alarm woke me at 6.30.... And caffiene doesn't agree with ds so I can't even pound the coffee!!! It's going to be such a long day! Sorry for the garbled, non flowing, non punctuated/paragraphed/rambling heads a total fuzz!

OneDayMySleepWillCome Tue 20-Jan-15 09:49:32

Oh also, ds is totally refusing to bloody nap!! Wants to be held/walked all the time- not like him, he's usually chiles, naps fairly reasonably in his cot after abit of a go fighg, so that's hitting me hard!

tinymeteor Wed 21-Jan-15 05:33:13

Growth spurt plus teething plus a cold? Jesus. That is a rough day. Hope you managed not to kill DH!

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