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Baby so noisy after formula feed!!

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ralv Mon 19-Jan-15 09:09:41

Hi All...
My 16 day old DS has recently gone onto formula and I've noticed he is so much noisier now! I make sure he is well winded.. But when I put him down after a feed he will grunt, wheeze, make little cries... Basically I sit up for another hour just listening to him! After breastfeeding he would go down quietly (after a lot more crying though!).
Is this normal or am I doing something wrong??

Redling Mon 19-Jan-15 11:09:27

My baby started getting very vocal at that age, grunting and straining noises which actually had nothing to do with wind or poo as I realised after a week of sleepless nights trying to work out what was the matter/what he wanted! A lot of posters on here said they had similar and it did pass after a few weeks. At the time he was mix fed Breast milk and Formula but it didn't coincide with the introduction of formula. As long as baby is winded properly after a feed, and have no other issues such as reflux etc then it shouldn't be a problem. I reasoned in the end that he wouldn't grunt if he was in any pain, he'd cry!

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