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9 months old. Can we re-establish breastfeeding after being too ill to feed for a week?

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nevergooglebrandybutter Sun 18-Jan-15 22:49:06

Nine month old DS3 has been ill with hand, foot and mouth. Really painful mouth sores and he couldn't breastfeed but did manage occasional bottles and ten tonnes of yoghurt and seems to be recovering now.

I didn't express as I don't own a pump and also know it's not a disaster should we stop at this stage but have just hoped he would continue once he is feeling better.

So this morning he fed but I'm just unsure about what sort of supply I have. Previously he only fed in the mornings or if he woke during the night. How quickly would supply disappear?

FATEdestiny Sun 18-Jan-15 22:56:53

You could get it back after a week. He probably doesn't get that much milk anyway. Just let him feed when he wants to.

nevergooglebrandybutter Sun 18-Jan-15 23:00:35

Do you think its enough to just continue with the morning feed or will it need to be more regular than that?

SnapCackleFlop Sun 18-Jan-15 23:05:39

Definitely yes! Up to a child's first birthday it's straightforward to reestablish breastfeeding. sorry your little one has been so ill - sounds dreadful.
Hope this link is helpful

stargirl1701 Sun 18-Jan-15 23:07:57

Definitely. I relactated after a break of 8 weeks. Skin to skin (baths, co-sleeping) and feeding will bring your supply back quickly.

nevergooglebrandybutter Mon 19-Jan-15 07:20:16

poop, he's not interested this morning.

SnapCackleFlop Mon 19-Jan-15 15:31:30

Stargirl's suggestion of lots of skin-to-skin in baths and bed is a great one. Would circumstances allow you to cuddle in bed for a few hours (the day/a few days) and have lots of lovely skin-to-skin cuddles and enjoy nice story books and naps? Baths together great too and as well as being lovely would allow lots of chance for re-establishing breastfeeding and supply.

Hope your little one is feeling better anyway and you too ...... must have been a difficult time.

Take care

nevergooglebrandybutter Mon 19-Jan-15 15:45:28

We co-sleep from the middle of the night anyway, and this morning skin to skin, he had a sniff around but woke up and wanted to sit up and play whereas yesterday I think I caught him before he fully woke up properly.

Thanks, he's heaps better, it was pretty hideous but thankfully only for a week.

I may try him during the night when he comes into bed with me. Seems ridiculous to be introducing a night feed when for so long you want them to stop that.

nevergooglebrandybutter Tue 20-Jan-15 08:49:53

and this morning he really bit me.shock

do you know, I just think he's not interested anymore. ds1 self weaned around the same age.

a little sad but only in the 'first day of school' kind of sad. its the end of a special time.sad

nevergooglebrandybutter Tue 20-Jan-15 08:53:34

also tried him during the night but he whacked me and turned away.

stargirl1701 Tue 20-Jan-15 09:03:10

nevergooglebrandybutter Tue 20-Jan-15 09:21:31

interesting. he really doesn't seem in the slightest bit interested though.

SnapCackleFlop Tue 20-Jan-15 20:06:33

I wonder if it might be a nursing strike? I guess you need to weigh everything up and decide what would work best for your family :-)

nevergooglebrandybutter Tue 20-Jan-15 20:51:45

what constitutes a nursing strike? sounds like ds1 who just stopped feeding but refused bottles also until he got so thirsty he took a bottle of water.

this way does seem quite ok as he's not distressed about it and I doubt he was getting much milk previously. if he no longer wants the comfort then I guess its a tough call whether to continue trying.

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