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10 week old cries after 1 minute

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katbarney Tue 13-Jan-15 18:13:00

My 10 week old has always been a good feeder and has no problem latching on. Recently she has started to latch on then after about a minute or two cries and cries and won't latch on again and continue feeding. Even if I leave it 10 minutes or so she cries as soon as I try and feed her again. She seems contented otherwise and in between her feed times is happy and doesn't cry. Has anyone else had experience of this? Do babies sometimes go through phases of not being as hungry? Worried she isn't getting enough to eat...

sksk Tue 13-Jan-15 18:15:55

It sounds as though, if she is settled between feeds and at other times, she might not be very hungry. Babies go through phases and they can't tell you what is wrong. Maybe she wants to go longer between feeds? But if you are worried then can you take her to the health visitor for reassurance? I'm sure you'll get lots of advice here in the meantime. Good luck!

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