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Breastfeeding - feeding more quickly?

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insanelycheerful Mon 12-Jan-15 12:09:21

4mth old DD seems all of a sudden to be having much shorter feeds. Whereas until now she would feed for up to 40-45mins, she is suddenly often only feeding for 10-15mins on the first side then a shorter feed on the second. Could it be that she is suddenly much more efficient? U keep trying to offer more but she will either cry and not latch on at all, or latch on momentarily then pull off. So she seems to not want more, but I am worried she might not be getting enough (and that something else is causing her to cut the feed short). She is also often fractious during a feed and I have to battle sometimes to get her on (but I know she is hungry).

Had her weighed 2 weeks ago (after 4 weeks without) and she'd only gained 4oz in 4 weeks, but went back last week and she'd put on 4oz in a week. HV said to go back in 2-3 weeks to check her again (as she had dropped just over a centile before the last weigh in). She has only started doing the shorter feeds in the last few days though, so not spoken to HV about it yet. I guess next weigh in will tell if she is getting enough but I wanted to ask here in the meantime. Has anyone else experienced much quicker feeding all of a sudden and it's been ok?

She is a very sicky baby, hence HV has said I should make sure she is weighed each month (or more frequently if worried). Overall she is pretty contented, poos every day, plenty of wet nappies etc. I'm wary of feeding more often due to shorter feeds (unless she seems to want it), as concerned this could lead to "snacking" and getting more fore milk and less hind milk.

Any tips/advice?

tiktok Tue 13-Jan-15 11:33:45

This all sounds on the normal spectrum - almost all babies feed for shorter times as they grow, getting what they need more efficiently.

Don't worry about 'snacking' or fore/hindmilk....babies are perfectly capable of sorting that out.You don't need to feed more often.


insanelycheerful Tue 13-Jan-15 17:35:17

Thanks tiktok smile
I think it's the suddenness of the shorter feeds that has thrown me. It's not like she has gradually cut down. Will see how she goes anyway. She certainly seems happy enough (but then again she also seemed ok when she only put on 4oz in 4wks!) In fact the main time she doesn't seem happy is during feeds when she will latch on and feed a bit then pull off and cry like something is really bothering her? No idea what this is. She is very sicky but being sick never bothers her (she often smiles as she does it!, although wind can. Any ideas what causes the fussing etc during feeds?

tiktok Wed 14-Jan-15 11:00:56

The weight gain is slow, but could be normal for her smile

Prob a good idea to offer more feeds, and ensuring she gets the opportunity to feed from at least both sides each time ('switch nursing'), which will boost her intake and your supply.

The fractiousness during a feed could be anything - lots of four mth olds are really distractable during feeds as they are so flippin' interested in everything around them smile

insanelycheerful Wed 14-Jan-15 19:17:09

I think she might just be finding her level on the chart, in terms of the weight gain. She had maintained the line when I had her re weighed the following week.

Just a bit concerned that her poos are greenish (not totally green but darker and more greenish than the usual bright yellow) which I know can be a sign of too much foremilk compared to hind milk. If this is the case, I think it might be because I keep having to switch sides during a lot of feeds as she will latch on the first side, feed briefly then start crying and refuse to go back on that side. She may then do similar on the second side so I change again. Some feeds there is a lot of chopping and changing. I don't know what else to do though in order to get her fed!

Oh also she did 4 poos today whereas normally she does one a day. Is this ok?

squizita Wed 14-Jan-15 21:29:18

My DD sounds very similar to yours - except she's not sicky..She grows slowly so they keep an eye on her and is 4 months.
I think the fussy feeds are normal. Mine does this and I'm pretty sure it's because her senses are more acute now, plus she's "thinking" more so gets distracted.
Another thing I noticed is she now naps differently and can be over tired, yawning/eye rubbing, signal for a quick drink then sleep. Immediately after the nap she'll happily take 2 sides. But if I'm there waving the boob at her and she just wanted a pre sleep drink, she's very cross!
Is the poo greeny/mustardy? Mine also gets that from time to time, usually if she's been a bit windy (due to being distracted) but it doesn't hurt her and all the experts confirmed the poo was within normal range (showed a photo to the gp! blush ).

She's been hungry today and not pooed for 24hr+ so the next poo nappy might be very full! Oh well.

squizita Wed 14-Jan-15 21:31:56

....btw that's all 4 month stuff I noticed.I mentioned it to other mums at playgroup, some with big/fast growing babies and they ALL said it sounded familiar which reassured me it's not a small baby thing

AliceInHinterland Wed 14-Jan-15 21:37:09

Mine got much quicker at that age, 10-15 mins sounds plenty, he just wanted to be doing other stuff, and his suck was noticeably more efficient! He would only feed for longer if someone else had been looking after him for a bit, more of a comfort feed. And green poos come & go for us, generally only a day or two at a time.

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