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Combination feeding - which bottles would you recommend

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Ilovechops Mon 12-Jan-15 11:55:54

I am expecting baby #2 in March and am getting prepared.

I plan to express and do part bottle feeding (expressed milk) and part breast feeding after the first two weeks as I will be back at work. I will later introduce formula further down the line. I did this with my DD1 and used Medela bottles which came with the pump. I found the teats weren't brilliant as they leaked after a few weeks of use. Later we moved to Tommee Tippee which were fine but she was around 8 months by then.

Can anyone recommend good (anti-wind) bottles to start off with? I know there's always the risk that baby will just prefer the bottle and I'll have to express all of the time which will be a shame but hopefully won't happen!

squizita Mon 12-Jan-15 12:01:57

It's very personal bur lansinoh now sell bottles via mothercare and my ebf baby prefers them to all other fancy anti colic bottles.

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