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Reducing Breast feeds with weaning?

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nello Sun 11-Jan-15 17:28:06

DS is nearly 7 months and started gradually with solids at 5 months. He now has three meals a day, eating a varying amount at each meal. I have kept up the breast feeds as they were before he started with solids, so our day looks like this more or less:

6am wake up: Breast feed
7am: Breakfast
8am: Nap (1/2-1 hour)
9am: Breast feed
11.30: Nap (1/2 - 1 hour)
12.30: Breast Feed
1.30: Lunch
3pm: Nap
3.30/4: Breast Feed
5/5.30: Dinner
7pm Bedtime breast feed

Does this look about right? I've noticed that DC is not breast feeding for very long and sometimes refuses and I am wondering if I am trying to feed too frequently. I've looked at the A Karmel book and she suggests the following for 7MO:

Breakfast + milk
mid morning milk
Lunch + water
mid afternoon milk
Dinner + water
Bedtime milk.

Should I drop the 12.30 (approx) breast feed and have 4 rather than 5 feeds in the day? Is this still enough milk for DC?

Also - as I approach 12 months (when I plan to breast feed no more) I want to replace breast feeds with snacks. DC is not taking a bottle, so I plan on replacing a breast feed at a time with a sippy cup of formula (DC will only drink a little) plus a snack such as a yoghurt or piece of cheese. This is ok? When can I start dropping the feeds?

Thanks for your help smile

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