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Wanted to share my bf/ff story

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PourMeSomethingStronger Sun 11-Jan-15 04:00:12

I realise this is rather self indulgent but I am lying here awake and need to get this out.

When I had DS1 4 years ago I was determined to breastfeed him. However it just wasn't to be. He had a tongue tie that wasn't picked up on and struggled to latch. I had several bouts of mastitis resulting in a breast abscess that wouldn't drain via aspiration so was pperated on under ga and took 5 months to heal. We battled on til 5 months feeding from one side but then mastitis hit again in the 'good' breast and we switched to formula. I was disappointed but it was a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to get well after months of feeling rotten.

I was terrified of bfing a second baby due to all the problems the first time around to the point that we delayed ttc dc2. However, ds2 is now 16 months old and I just fed him for the last time on Friday evening. He had cut down to one bedtime feed and the timing just felt right to stop. The whole experience of feeding my second child has been a dream and has really laid to rest the pain and anguish I felt over poor ds1.

I wanted to share for 2 reasons. The first to show you can have a hell of a time feeding dc1 but go on to easily feed dc2. The second to say that battling with bfing ds1 for so long clouded those precious newborn days. I was terrified of losing a bond with him when I stopped but it just didn't happen. I could have been kinder to myself and still have had the wonderful relationship I have with ds1.

so, self indulgent ramblings complete, now to get back to sleep. smile

mupperoon Sun 11-Jan-15 04:08:25

Wow, you went through the wringer the first time. I am glad it worked out so well the second time!

Not self-indulgent at all - thanks for sharing. flowers

Wonkyparsnip Sun 11-Jan-15 05:04:26

Thank you. I find that very reassuring.

PourMeSomethingStronger Sun 11-Jan-15 07:39:16

thanks for thethanks mupperoon and your comment wonky. I hope it is reassuring to someone as I posted here before having ds2 and got some wonderful support. got some sleep in the end, now time forbrew .

Countryside14 Sun 11-Jan-15 09:09:41

Awwww that's a lovely story. I'm so glad it worked out for you second time round x

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