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left breast slow/low supply

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shortfatsally Wed 07-Jan-15 23:03:20

I don't know how it's happened, but I have such a low supply in my left breast. When I weighed DD before and after feeding from it, she probably took in about 30ml after feeding for 20 minutes on it. Because it's a low supply it's a vicious circle because she refuses to suck to get the supply up. She will just take 3 sucks a minute when I tickle her to wake her, and I am constantly waking her up on that breast.

She also gets bored waiting to have the right breast (with good supply), so falls asleep anyway before she gets there, so I spend a lot of time waking her before I put her on the right. I pump the left while I feed from the right, but only a further 10ml comes out.

I started fenugreek today but it just makes me feel nauseous (I tried it before.) I will persist with it though, as she is only 6 weeks and I want to give this a good go.

At one point should I give up and just feed from one breast?

WLmum Wed 07-Jan-15 23:31:39

Hi, my left boob was always rubbish too! Dd2 started refusing it quite early and would only take it if in the rugby ball hold. I always fed dd2&3 from crap left for starters, then better right for mains. If they just wanted to comfort suck I'd swap them back to the left to try to keep the supply up. Apart from being a bit lopsided for a while there's no problem with only feeding from one boob

Plateofcrumbs Thu 08-Jan-15 04:03:41

I have a useless lefty too! We still feed off both but I've given up trying to resolve it. We always have righty for main course and lefty for pudding, as he can get a it frustrated on lefty if he is hungry..

There was thread recently about people who had fed exclusively on one breast and it was surprisingly common.

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