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Help please with engorgement and pain

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tak1ngchances Wed 07-Jan-15 08:57:18

Apologies if this thread has been done a million times before. I am quite desperate.

My baby has just moved from combination feeding to bottle only. I have no clue how to stop breastfeeding...yesterday I hand expressed around 100ml before every bottle feed and gave her that milk before formula. But this morning my boobs have been extremely painful (pain woke me at 4am and have been awake since). They are like rocks and there are some red lines.

I hand expressed again this morning for her first feed. Can I just express a bit less every feed? Should I drop a feed, ie express fewer times a day? confused

Am petrified of getting mastitis

LissieD Wed 07-Jan-15 10:49:38

Red lines might mean mastitis. Call your gp and get it checked out ASAP. I has mastitis last week. Got antibiotics straight away and my temperature was down and pain easing by 24 hours. You can take paracetamol for the pain. Try having a bath and putting a hot damp flannel on your boobs.

tak1ngchances Wed 07-Jan-15 12:06:24

Red lines have gone now...I will try the flannel etc

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