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6 month old not eating or drinking

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Kittiewhite89 Tue 06-Jan-15 14:08:42

Hi all
Feel like I'm posting something new every week!

My daughter had a bout of diarrhoea which lasted almost 2 weeks and only gained 5oz in 3 weeks. She was taking her full bottles as normal during this so she must have lost weight during the diarrhoea as she normally gains 4-5oz per week.

She is now over this and had had 4 days of normal bowel movements but she is refusing her milk. She only takes 2 oz before she turns away and kicks off, and I can't force her because she's had a bottle aversion before due to reflux and I'm scared it's happening again.
It's like she just isnt hungry. I've tried waiting every 4 hours with her normal schedule, and offering little and often but she just doesn't want it.
She isn't established on solids as she was I'll the day we were starting them so I can't make up for it there. I have offered baby porridge but she turns away after a small spoonful.

Max she takes is 15oz but that's max, it's been around 12oz normally. The dreamfeed I can maybe get 4 down.

She's also been vomiting once or twice a day after about 3oz which isn't normal as her normal feeds were 6oz.

I've tried calpol, anbesol and teething granules incase it's her gums but nothings working. I give her a spouted cup with water in but she doesn't take enough really on,y a few sips.

My gp doesn't seem bothered as she doesn't look dehydrated which she doesn't, but I'm scared she will get dehydrated if it carries on.

I can't think what else to do sad she's still napping and sleeping through. It's really distressing and I'm worried sick. I know babies have these phases but surely she should have gotten over it by now

ILoveYouBaby Tue 06-Jan-15 14:14:32

My dd loses her appetite at the slightest thing and it takes ages for her to get it back. Give her dioralyte if you're worried about dehydration, offer her milk and snacks as often as you can. I hope she gets better soon.

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