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8 week old has been feeding since 3pm

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ElleOhElle Mon 05-Jan-15 22:39:38

gah!!! I'm glad he's feeding as he's not well but seriously!!!??? I have been feeding him constantly all afternoon and evening! he's showing no signs of going to sleep! He normally clusters but this is unreal!

growth spurt?

LillyEvans Mon 05-Jan-15 22:43:23

Maybe growth spurt and comfort! Plus if he's had a temp he might have been a bit a bit dehydrated. He probably isn't always taking in milk and comfort sucking for bits of it. Maybe trying breaking him off so you can have a break.

Is it weird that I sort of miss cluster feeding? Dd is 5 months and hasn't done it in ages.

ElleOhElle Mon 05-Jan-15 23:01:55

I do enjoy a little cluster but this was ridiculous! wink DH is trying to get him to sleep now! can't help but think he'll be back with me soon! wink

moggle Tue 06-Jan-15 08:20:36

They supposedly have a growth spurt at 8 weeks. We're just going through this too - not quite so much feeding as that though!

TheGirlAtTheRockShow Tue 06-Jan-15 08:40:20

Growth spurt possibly, but if not well he's making up for any missed feeds.

Gennz Wed 07-Jan-15 02:26:42

My 6 week old DS did this yesterday - 4pm to 9.30pm, after feeding 2 - 3 hourly for the previous 24 hours. I gave him 40mls of formula in the end, I was knackered.

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