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Have I missed something?

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bambino1 Mon 19-Apr-04 16:01:47

I am hoping to breast feed when my baby is born and I am really looking forward to the experience. But i was at work today and someone asked me the question of 'am I going to breast feed?' I said yes and they told me that they heard on the news it was now a really dangerous thing to do. Is this true?

muddaofsuburbia Mon 19-Apr-04 16:03:26

For real?

SoupDragon Mon 19-Apr-04 16:04:32

I think they're referring to the "contamination" issue where our environment contaminates themilk. Your baby is far more suceptible to this when in your uterus so there's really not a lot to worry about. Breast milk is still best for your baby.

It was on Trevor Mcdonald apparently, missing some vital information and then picked up by the papers who retold half the story.

SoupDragon Mon 19-Apr-04 16:05:20

I'm a bit sketchy on the details as I only heard about the whole thing, I didn't see or read about it first hand.

bambino1 Mon 19-Apr-04 16:08:35

thank you for that. I know its the most natural thing for the baby but still its quite scary really isn't it, when all you want is whats best for the baby.

muddaofsuburbia Mon 19-Apr-04 16:09:54

Found it: Scare story about breasmilk

bambino1 Mon 19-Apr-04 16:16:03

thank you for that mos. thats helped me understand all the things going on. be able to put people at work straight as well.

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