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8mo not interested in bf during the day

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blushingmare Sun 04-Jan-15 23:44:08

My nearly 8mo has really gone off bf during the day. I think it's a combination of getting more into solids and being so distracted by the world (principally his 2yo sister, who makes undisturbed feeding impossible!).

We do a combination of puree and finger foods and I like to be led by what he wants. Some days he doesn't want any puree and just plays with finger foods, but other days he's clearly demanding puree and has a reasonable amount - probable equating to about half of one of those sachets at one meal time. He always likes a big breakfast of 1 Weetabix or about 3 dessert spoons of Readybrek. His poos have definitely changed in the last week, so I think he's definitely taking in more solids.

Today we were out all day and trying to feed in busy places and he barely took any milk at all. Even once we were home he wasn't really interested.

He always has a good feed at bedtime and at night we cosleep after his first waking, so he has open access to the milk bar all night and has at least 2, normally 3 good feeds overnight.

I don't mind the feeding at night at the moment, but am just worried he's not taking enough during the day. Do you think I should restrict his solids more?

flipflopsonfifthavenue Tue 06-Jan-15 08:30:50

I did baby led weaning with DS1 and it was around 8months that I noticed massive drop in day time milk feeds. So much that my boobs were very full and uncomfortable for a couple days. I noticed another big drop around 10mo and in both cases it tallied with significant increase in solids.

Advice always seems to be If he seems happy don't change anything

zeddybrek Tue 06-Jan-15 14:20:52

DS is the same age and I have also noticed a drop in feeds. Maybe it's just part of their normal development. I am also doing BLW and his appetite has increased so it makes sense to me that he wants less milk.

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