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is anybody feeding from just one breast?

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shortfatsally Sat 03-Jan-15 20:56:54

6 weeks into breast feeding and my supply seemed to be greatly reduced in my left breast. I get less when I hand express and less when I pump from it too. Also DD is completely unsettled and frustrated on it and stops sucking very quickly or falling asleep. As well as this not helping supply it means I know her stomach is empty but she is initially unwakeable, meaning she will wake screaming and starving 30 mins to an hour later. If we get into this pattern through the night it makes things absolute hell. DD's reluctance to take the left breast means that the supply is low. The right breast is great though, fast let down and produces til the cows come home.

Should I breastfeed exclusively from the right and pump from the left while doing so? Will that make the supply go up in the left? Shall I give up on the left all together? As all it's doing is causing her to snack, which disturbs any semblance of routine we have (even the "routine" that she needs feeding every 2 hours.)

Sizzlesthedog Sat 03-Jan-15 21:00:01

I bf only on one side. It was fine, your supply will increase.

I'm not lop sided now, incase you wonder!

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Sat 03-Jan-15 21:03:21

I had a similar experience with my right boob. I've more or less stopped breastfeeding now and I'm surprised by how sore my right boob has been, I had assumed she wasn't getting any milk from it but I was definitely wrong.

I always offered her the right boob first and then offered her the good one. I used breast compressions on the right and if she fell asleep, I'd wake her up and offer the left. if she was frustrated, I'd offer the left.

so I'm not sure what the answer is but I would persevere with both boobs. I was definitely producing more in the right than I realized even though expressing didn't work at all on the right.

TallRedhead Sun 04-Jan-15 23:29:53

I have fed my ds from just my right breast since he was 9 weeks old (now 10 months!)due to a breast abscess. I tried to reestablish supply once abscess healed but it didn't really happen so I carried on with one and he is fine! I am slightly wonky but hopefully that will sort itself out when he finishes feeding from me smile

steppeupunderthemisletoe Sun 04-Jan-15 23:34:45

I bf 3 kids and dcs 3 only fed from one side form very early on. No idea if it was me, or her not liking lying that way round for some reason.

I continued to offer both, so weak boob first and then good boob. But after a while I just didn't both with weak side. I think she was older than your dd, so I would say persevere, but if you end up with one breast, she can get full supply form one side.

ISpyPlumPie Sun 04-Jan-15 23:35:25

I've fed from one side for over a year now. DS2 is 2 now, so will hopefully not be for too much longer. DS1 preferred that side too, and again fed exclusively from it for his last year or so of bf. I am reassured by the accounts of lopsidedness disappearing, but given this has been a fairly prolonged case I fear for the future grin

steppeupunderthemisletoe Sun 04-Jan-15 23:37:03

I fed til dd was 15 months and i am not lopsided any more!

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