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HELP 3 month suddenly distressed/won't feed

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squizita Sat 03-Jan-15 12:11:40

My 3 month old DD has never refused the breast. She doesn't have reflux or tongue tie.
She fed perfectly well overnight and up to about 9.30am. Good powerful feeds of 10-20 min taking both sides and sometimes asking for 3rd.

Recently she has been chewing her fingers a lot (start of teeth under gums?) and has had a blocked up nose.

Tried to feed her as usual at 11.15am. She was fine until my let down then started to cry and pull off. I thought maybe the let down had startled her so waited and tried again. She started to suck for a few seconds (bearing in mind this was after let down so milk was there but not forceful) and then cried and pulled off, almost like a sore mouth?
She has been like that ever since. Asks for food (though not starving hungry) then screams and cries after a few mouthfuls. She gets annoyed and won't drink. Perfectly happy when sitting or playing and not feeding.
She can suck her/my finger OK.

Rang the NCT who suggested using a feeding syringe if I was concerned but to ask here and keep trying in the meantime as it might well settle down.

Any ideas? Teething? Sore mouth/ear? ...*its happened literally 2 hours after a perfectly happy feed*! shock I'm shedding hair post pregnancy and worried one has got in her mouth or something and hurt it sad but I think this is just random anxiety. I checked her mouth: it looks normal.

Any tips as I don't want her to get starving hungry or not feed so long it affects supply. Thanks!

Karasea Sat 03-Jan-15 12:21:57

Nursing strikes present jut like this, teething or oral thrush are common causes. Offer without forcing, try feeding whikst sleepy, after baby bonjela or cal pol.

You might need to syringe but usually just sorts itself.

squizita Sat 03-Jan-15 12:25:09

I checked her mouth for thrush (I know you cannot always see it) and it looked ok.
Wondering with the drooly chewing if it's teething. smile

Will try the calpol. smile Thanks so much for the reassurance.

BTW I have heard of 'nursing strikes' but don't know much about them: are they just baby going off their milk? How long do they last? Thanks.

lentilpot Sat 03-Jan-15 12:34:47

If her nose is blocked that sometimes upsets them when feeding, have you tried saline drops/spray to help her with that?

Or you could try rocking her nearly to sleep before slipping a nipple in. This is the only way I could get DS to feed after his tongue tie was cut at 3 months.

Teething gel also worth a try.

Good luck!

squizita Sat 03-Jan-15 12:44:33

lentil thanks - yep tried saline drops. MaDe her grumpier short term! grin
Thanks so much for both your help.
Calpol + saline = a fussy but reassuringly kept down feed. Phew.
Sending dh out for teething gel/powder as I think it could be that.
grin Thanks MN!

fionnthedog Sat 03-Jan-15 14:32:19

Hello. Just wanted to reassure that my DS (still bf now at 8 months) did have days when he 'went off' feeding both because of blocked nose and teething. If the latter then Calpol did help, but blocked nose more tricky and mostly had to just be patient with him. Keep offering feeds and cuddles!!

squizita Sat 03-Jan-15 14:37:56

Thanks! She has fed since. Just a grizzly baby today but at least she's eating. smile Hope as with yours it's a short term thing!

Heatherbell1978 Sat 03-Jan-15 16:23:04

DS1 is 19 weeks and started a nursing strike at roughly 13 weeks. Sadly I'm now just down to one bf a day, at 4am, which is the only time he'll now feed. I spent quite a few weeks just feeding him in his sleep/drowsy which did work although he clocked onto it eventually and then stopped. For him it's been a mix of being far too distracted, teething and preferring the flow of the bottle. I'm disappointed at having to switch to ff before 6 months but I feel like he's made the decision and I just need to go with it.

Melworldwide Mon 05-Jan-15 15:02:38

My DS did this for 6 weeks and I had a private lactation session as it was getting me down so much. Turns out it was a fast letdown followed by DS being then impatient for faster milk. I was advised to switch sides frequently to keep him on the breast (I would switch around 4 times so he got the hind milk), and to do laid back breastfeeding. After a week or so he was back to normal.
He also suffered from reflux, not sure if the behaviour was also related to his fussiness but we got him on meds around the same time and he's now better than ever.
Hope your issues are sorted now!

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