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Need reflux help quick

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Kelly008 Thu 01-Jan-15 18:03:15

Lo had had silent reflux since born and is 10wreks old. The reflux has never been to bad just small spit up and sometime seems to have a bad taste in mouth so we have never giving anything for it but last few days she have brought up2 feeds a day. We tried carobel today and first bottle she drunk well but the last two it's like she doesn't like the molk she is sucking on bottle but not taking anything in but it is able to pass through the test as we have tested and it's made the same as first bottle. So basically we have spent the past 2/3 hours trying to get her to drink and all she has taken is 3 oz about an oz at a time take. 20 minutes r so but I know she is hungry and just refusing. So she doesn't like the carobel so should I try gaviscon, aptimil comfort milk, aptimil anti reflux??? Or is changing milk a bad idea? I have a gp appointment on Monday but not sure what to do in mean time.

CoolCat2014 Thu 01-Jan-15 21:44:28

I don't know much about the formula as I'm BF'ing, but have you tried feeding her when she's really sleepy? That's the only way I can get DD to feed when she has a bad bout. Or changing back to the previous milk until you go and see the Dr?

If you're on facebook join the group Livong With Reflux -
There's loads of mummies there with great advice.

EssexMummy123 Thu 01-Jan-15 21:46:58

There's a forum 'little refluxers' i found really helpful.

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