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Almost 12 month old feeding nightmare

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Feversandmirrors Thu 01-Jan-15 14:34:35

Hoping someone can help!
My almost 12 mo DS had/has severe reflux and was a bottle refuser since 12 weeks.
As such, we weaned super early. He took to puréed food (fruit and carrots) really well.
As time has gone on, he's gradually increased the amount and types of food he will eat but it's a VERY small list: porridge (with whole milk and fruit purée) yogurt (fruit flavoured), mashed carrot, fruit pots (won't even take mashed banana) a few stage 2 jars and pasta stars mushed up with dairylea cheese.
I offer finger foods at every sitting: carrot batons, toast, bread, slices of banana, apple etc-these are launched onto the floor while his mouth gapes open waiting for mummy to hurry up with the spoon. He won't even hold a bloody spoon!!!
He also refuses to hold a sippy cup himself-he'll take a few sips of water if it's held for him, but he'll just stare at it and launch it across the room if left to his own devices. He also point blank refuses to drink any milk or take a bottle.

If he does take a bite of finger foods or anything slightly lumpy , his gag reflex is so sensitive that he'll gag and throw up. On a bad day, this is after every meal.

I'm not sure what else to do. He's had input from paediatric consultant (who has him on ridiculous levels of medication) and it's clear that this is linked to his reflux-he was bloody miserable and didn't sleep for more than 45m at a time until he was diagnosed-but we don't seem to be making any progress. It doesn't help thT every time he gets unwell, he regresses and only eats yogurts and fruit pots for the duration.

Has anyone got any ideas/pearls of wisdom? I know that he's hardly going to be going to school with puréed foot in his lunch box, but I'm getting so frustrated!

ppeatfruit Thu 01-Jan-15 15:50:44

I sympathise try and relax around his meal times, have you tried not mixing his purees? and only giving him fruit BEFORE his savoury (that is better for everyone's digestion). As you say it will pass, he's not eating an unhealthy diet. Eat with him at a table (make his toys eat finger foods!!).

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