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15mo baby has cmpa - no milk at and on veg refusal...

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Queazy Wed 31-Dec-14 14:38:27

My 15mo was ebf until 13mo when she had her MMR, was poorly and promptly refused any milk at all. I've tried oat milk, coconut milk, flavoured milk of all sorts, soya milk etc etc. Shes got a cmpa and has now also decided to only eat purée and vegetables at her childminders. I basically give her finger food at home, but she can spot a vegetable a mile off. Breakfast is fortified dry cereal, toast and apple. Lunch tends to be eggy bread, or a ham or wafer chicken sandwich, sultanas and some grapes (same thing in essence j know), oat cereal bar for a snack, and then dinner is 2 fish fingers, pasta (on a good day) pear and sometimes a biscuit. I'm really embarrassed that the only reason my dad's diet isn't truly deficient of all nutrients is because she goes to a childminder 4 days a week hmm I've honestly been worried because she's been off over xmas and so hasn't been having any vegetables. She has a tantrum when j go near her with a spoon confused

I've read past posts where people have said to refuse to give her an alternative to purée or vegetables and eventually she'll eat it. I just know she's learning she's her own person and j don't want to turn mealtime into a battle ground. I'm trying to be calm but I can't keep making meals that don't even get near her without a tantrum. She wouldn't even eat one of those vegetable fingers earlier. They even look like a bloody fish finger!!!!

Any advice gratefully received. I'm well aware I'm letting her rule the roost a bit by the way. I'm just scared of her not eating as she doesn't have a bottle of milk at all so no alternative nutrients going in.

Thanks again

addictedtosugar Thu 01-Jan-15 12:23:13

OK, so veg is better than fruit, but she IS eating bits from all food groups.
Have you tried some of the sweeter vegetables? Sweet Potato/squashes etc? The other thing mine gobble is sweetcorn fritters - something like these but without the onion. I'm sure they'd work with oat milk or similar.

Along those lines, would she eat milk in cooked dishes? So pancakes? Unless it has been changed, birds custard powder in the big tub (not the single sachets) was dairy free, and made up well with oatly.

And put the veg out as a pudding!! So, you've eaten your mains, now, heres pud. And produce sweet potato chips smile

Honestly, veg avoidance, but eating fruit isn't the end of the world. If your really worried, what about some vit supplements?

Queazy Thu 01-Jan-15 13:00:49

Oh thank you - will try sweetcorn fritters. She won't eat sweet potato at home in any form. She can't have any milk at all, but will try oatmilk pancakes again, as she might eat them now. We've got vitamin supplements but I just wanted to encourage her to eat vegetables and a more varied diet. I might start encouraging her to use a spoon again as she might eat it if she's feeding herself. Worth a try! Thanks so much again - much appreciated xx

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