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increasing milk supply in the evenings?

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breakfastinbread Wed 31-Dec-14 11:36:14

my 8wk old DS has been EBF and nicely settled into a routine of daytime feeds every 2-3hrs.

He does get very irritable of an evening which we've generally attributed to colic or reflux (gaviscon has helped a bit). However, one evening last week when I was shattered I went to bed early and left Dh with a bottle of expressed milk (about 5oz) and he slept for nearly 8hrs!

Since then, we've been trying to give a "top up" feed of expressed milk from earlier in the day after I have done my last BF for the evening (I offer him both sides more than once) and it seems to have helped loads - baby more settled, sleeps longer etc.

However, I know BF works on demand and supply, so straight after he has gone to bed I try to express again to fool my body into making more milk, but only seem to get 1-2oz at this time.

Considering that he is offered both sides, then will take 4-5oz expressed milk afterwards (whatever I managed to express that morning), and will even take another 2-3oz of formula if he seems hungry after all that - how can my supply match that!?! Any tips or shall i just continue with the status quo since it seems to be working for us?

(DS tracking 50th centile so weight gain not an issue)

JustTryEverything Wed 31-Dec-14 11:46:57

I am very interested in this as my 10 week DD seems the same! Nice little routine until about 7pm then cluster feeds almost constantly until at least 10.30 or sometimes later. But then sleeps through so can't really complain. I have been expressing but when DH offered a bottle instead, she wasn't interested - despite having taken them in the day before.

I might try with bottles again though based on your experience.

I suppose I want to look to change this as my nipples are sore by the time she's finished plus I would like some kind of evening!

It sounds like you are doing the right thing by continuing to express if there has been an expressed feed given. You will always have tonnes more milk in the mornings after your body has been resting all night so I wouldn't worry too much about the lower amounts in the evening. In fact, being able to,express anything in the evening is an achievement in my book!

breakfastinbread Wed 31-Dec-14 12:06:13

glad to hear it's not just me then! I suppose my concern is that he's trying to cluster feed and I'm essentially stopping this by giving him the expressed top up and so damaging my supply for the day?

He's not been very happy today, lots of screaming & rooting, so I am just sat on sofa [bored] and letting him have boob as much as he wants right now. ho hum. At least I have the laptop and MN to keep me entertained!

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