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6 month old BFing...

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TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Tue 30-Dec-14 01:53:33

DD is 6 months old, not yet started weaning, starting later today. For the last week or so she has started waking for feeds in the night every 1.5-2.5 hours, during the day she feeds every 3-4 hours. Night feeds are longer - 15-20 minutes, whereas daytime is 3-6 minutes. I try everything to get her to feed longer during the day but she won't.
She used to be such a good sleeper, but now she's horrendous! Tonight I'm trying to space her feeds and get her to sleep without feeding but she's screaming. I need to break this cycle and go back to better feeding during the day - can it be done? Will weaning help? She's teething, but has been for 2 months!
I know BF babies need to be fed on demand, but she seems to be using night time to make up for lack of feeds during the day and it's killing me! I'm sure if she fed better during the day she would sleep better at night. She's just doing things backwards!

wigglylines Tue 30-Dec-14 02:08:32

Where does she sleep? I found cosleeping helped make night wakings doable for me. I fed lying down, we'd hardly wake and just drift back to sleep, instead of having to properly wake up then settle the baby.

TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Tue 30-Dec-14 02:31:40

She sleeps in her own cot in her own room. Co-sleeping would never have worked for us, I don't trust myself! She slept in same room as us while on holiday recently and we all kept each other awake! DD, DH, and I are all fidgety sleepers. That may actually be the cause of troubles now as she fed back to sleep most of the time...

rootypig Tue 30-Dec-14 02:40:01

Check out the kelly mom website, specifically info on reverse cycling (ending it!)

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