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Stopping breast feeding a toddler

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Appervine Mon 29-Dec-14 19:52:03

I'm still breast feeding my 2.7 year old and I feel like it's time to stop. He's been poorly over Christmas with a nasty virus and it's been like having a newborn all over again, even feeding him at night which I don't normally do, and I'm feeling really wiped out and resentful so I think it's time to call it a day. I work part time and he's fine on those days with no milk but if I sit on the sofa, he's all over me.

Any tips on making the transition easier? I did it with my older son around age two and he was fine but this one is even more of a milk monster and I don't think he'll take it so well.

Also, I'm planning on moving him out of his cot soon and Obviously doing both together will be too much. Any advice on which of the two to tackle first?

jaggythistle Tue 30-Dec-14 08:16:13

I've had the same experience - it seems to depend on the toddler.

Toddler 1 stopped at around 2 when I was pregnant and it was all very chilled.

Toddler 2 is rather more keen...

He is 32 months and we've been stopping for about 3 months now...

He will go a few days without nursing, but asks a lot and cuddles my boobs all the time. I'm also pregnant again and not sure I want to tandem feed.

I'm mostly going for distraction and have only ended up feeding him when he is really upset/poorly/had fallen over/it's the middle of the night and I just want to get back to bed.

It was much easier last time...

I'm sure has some useful advice, but I've not read it for a while.

I guess yours might settle down once he's feeling better and it might nit be so hard work!

Appervine Tue 30-Dec-14 09:42:29

Thanks Jaggythistle. Yes, I'm always amazed when people's children self-wean.

Yes, distraction is key I think. We've been cooped up in the house for ages as everyone's been ill so I think that's made it worse.

I'd forgotten about kellymom. Will definitely check it out.
Good luck with it all. It must be much harder when you've got a definite deadline.

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