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Which teat size?

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LoombandsRus Mon 29-Dec-14 11:47:40

DD is six months old and has been BF with the odd bottle of EBM which she has been taking with avent 1M+ teat. We are now moving to FF so I need to buy more bottles and teats. She does fine with 1M+ teat and can down a bottle pretty quickly, but I guess I should be buying 6M+ But I wonder if this will be too fast?

I would be grateful for any pearls of wisdom before I part with my hard earned cash!

fionnthedog Mon 29-Dec-14 13:48:02

I don't think you need to switch if the 1m are working for your dd!! We switched to 6m teats because ds got bored before finishing a bottle and I figured it was because it took too long. I have a v fast let down and lots of milk so he's always had to feed quickly! But like I said if your dd is happy with the slower teats don't waste your money IMO!!

crazykat Mon 29-Dec-14 14:11:22

You don't always need to change the size of she's getting on okay.

The general rule is that you need the next size teat if they are collapsing/squeezing in as the baby feeds and is sucking harder to get the milk faster.

If you do get a different size then go for 3 months first instead of jumping up to the 6 month size. There's also the vari flow ones which adjust to how hard the baby sucks so you don't need to change the size at all.

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