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Still got mucus in nappies

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ToTheMoonAndStars Sun 28-Dec-14 14:33:20

I posted a few weeks ago about my DS having suspected CMPI and mucus in his nappies. He is EBF at the moment and 3.5 months old.

He is on gaviscon and ranitidine for his reflux and this in conjunction with a dairy free diet seems to have made a difference. He is happier and more comfortable.

I've been excluding dairy for about 6 weeks now (and generally soy, though have slipped up on this once or twice). He's been much better and seems happier.

He still vomits profusely throughout the day, but doesn't seem that bothered by this. He still also writhes around a lot at night, grunting and groaning and bringing his knees up.

However he STILL has mucus in every nappy :-( could it just be that's what his poo is like or is it definitely a sign that something still isn't quite right.

I'm really struggling with the dairy free diet and Im worried I need to look at cutting even more out of his diet. Not sure I could do this so wondering if a swap to hypoallergenic formula might actually be best overall.

josephine1986 Mon 29-Dec-14 14:37:23

It's a tough call, isn't it. It is quite possible he is reacting to something else in your diet as by 6 weeks you should be in the clear.

When was the last time you slipped up with soya?

The next step would be to exclude egg, I think, as that causes issues in some babies .

My daughter reacted to milk, soya and fish and if I ate chocolate her nappies would get mucousy. That's as in raw cacao.

Are you keeping a food diary ? This is important as you can look back and find patterns. I would never have suspected fish but the food diary helped me enormously.

It's really hard looking after a baby on an exclusion diet, especially when they are still reacting.

You have the option of formula, and yes it might take the pressure off you. Many many mums in this situation choose to go down that route and there's no shame in doing that.

Superworm Mon 29-Dec-14 14:48:46

I agree with everything Josephine says. I excluded dairy and soy when breastfeeding and realised after many months I had not been strict enough with it do we often had mucous poo.

DS is almost three now and I realised recently he has a problem with eggs too so that would be the next thing to try.

Elimination diets are hard work and are not got everyone. It's completely your choice what you decide to do and dint feel bad of ulu decide to stop breastfeeding. That said, I found once I got into the swing of things the diet became second nature. You adapt and find new foods to have.

HyperThread Mon 29-Dec-14 14:58:11

I have a multiple allergy child and wish I had switched to hypo allergenic formula earlier on in his life when he would actually take it.

Its very likely that your LO is allergic to eggs too, and possibly even wheat.

ToTheMoonAndStars Mon 29-Dec-14 20:34:05

Thanks for the replies.

To be honest I've slipped up on soy fairly regularly in small ammounts. I will be more careful about this!

If that doesn't help I'll move on to eggs!!

I will make an appt with my GP too as I don't think I can do such a restricted diet for that long. I am worried that much past 6 months he won't take the formula.

Do they do any testing before prescribing the hypoallergenic stuff?

Will I ever know for sure what he's allergic to? If anything!! I still wonder if it's all coincidental!

josephine1986 Tue 30-Dec-14 19:07:35

I know what it's like feeling like you're going crazy with it. I worried I was imagining the symptoms , being a hypochondriac, etc. This was also because nobody else including my DH thought there was anything wrong. Just usual 'colic' and apparently harmless spinach green gungy poo. But I knew. Deep down, and when my dd screamed while doing these tiny, very frequent explosive snotty poos, she looked in a lot of pain, and would be so shattered by it and fall straight asleep.

In our case, the GP was not helpful and said nothing seemed wrong, I was just a naive first time mother. In fact several HCPs said the same.

Keeping the food diary was the key for me and then when, post weaning , I tested my daughter with some cooked cheese in a lasagne , and she reacted the same way as she used to, it was a sense of relief to know that I had been right in my gut instinct to exclude dairy and a number of other things, based on this food diary.

So don't hold high hopes for support from your GP, but give it a shot.

You may or may not have the allergies confirmed by testing , allergies are complex and unpredictable . First step is being referred to a dietitian by the GP. You may need to be a little pushy,

Oh and definitely try and avoid soy entirely before removing eggs. They are such excellent quick nutrition when dairy free. To avoid both milk and soya you essentially can't eat any processed food at all.

On the bright side, you'll probably eat better! I lost all my baby weight and then some . Unfortunately put it all back on , once my daughter could tolerate dairy in my milk around 8 months...

It won't be forever ! Check the allergies board for dairy free recipes and foods, there's lots of great advice there about cmpi and cmpa too

ToTheMoonAndStars Thu 01-Jan-15 10:07:31

Thanks Josephine, thats a really helpful post :-)

I'm going to stick with it for the time being and retest at 4/5 months before we start weaning.

I'm trying to use it as an excuse to eat more healthily and get back into the kitchen!

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