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What is it? Please help

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melonribena Sat 27-Dec-14 10:49:46

I've been bf my 2.5yr old ds since birth and after tongue tie and a milk allergy have had smooth feeding for ages now.

He only feeds twice a day now but neither of us are keen to stop.

A week ago, I developed an itch and lots of redness in one nipple. It hurt a lot to feed, like glass being rubbed on my nipple. I went to the docs who said it was an infection and gave me antibiotics

Since then, I've used the cream and tablets but have seen no improvements. The other nipple has also developed the problem. The area around the nipples is red, shiny and inflamed.

The docs are obviously shut but it's really bothering me.

Could it be thrush or something else? I will try anything

tiktok Sat 27-Dec-14 11:05:08

Could be thrush. Your doc will have an out of hours service. Alternatively walk ins should be open today.

melonribena Sat 27-Dec-14 11:06:42

Thanks tiktok, I remember you helped me when I had so many problems at the beginning.

nilbyname Sat 27-Dec-14 11:10:04

I had thrush, soak a breast pad or cotton wool in natural yogurt, and skip into your bra.

Keep breast pads loaded up with yoghurt in a bowl in the fridge for relief.

tiktok Sat 27-Dec-14 11:33:00

Lol at skipping into your bra !! Those natural remedies seem to be helpful with vaginal thrush. Not heard any evidence they work on nipples but it's got to be worth a try. Still think you need to see a doc though too.

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