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Theraputic Ultrasound for Blocked Milk Duct

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buttmonki Tue 23-Dec-14 13:05:35

Has anyone managed to find a physiotherapist in the UK (Kent, Surrey, Sussex or London area) who will do this treatment.

I had this treatment when in Dubai recently and it resolved my blocked duct instantly and stayed resolved (it was previously recurring every few days). Unfortunately now after a month it is back and I am unfortunately in the UK that appears to be filled with useless physios that point blank refuse to even look into this treatment.

Has anyone had any luck finding a physio do to this?

Grassgreener Thu 08-Jan-15 20:51:22

Hi, sorry I can't help you but can you tell me where you went in Dubai for this treatment? I live there at the moment and am in agony with a blocked duct. I can't find any information on where to go. Thank you so much if you can help x

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