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Breastfeeding when baby cutting teeth - anyone else have problems?

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Quietlyalert Mon 22-Dec-14 10:07:18

hi all, when my baby cut her bottom two teeth about seven months I started to have serious breastfeeding problems which started with nipple blebs and ended with my nearly quitting due to severe pain after feeding (this was misdiagnosed as thrush among other things), eventually the pain resolved and went away on its own. my baby aged 12 months is now cutting her top two teeth and I'm starting to get problems again. She doesn't bite though I can feel the teeth when she's feeding, but her suck is incredibly ferocious (perhaps using breasts as teether) and my nipples are v sore after. I've noticed a new bleb and am scared the old problems I had are going to resurface. the breastfeeding counsellors / lactation consultants I spoke to previously had mixed views on whether cutting teeth could cause feeding problems such as the ones I experienced. I'm not looking for solutions as such as I don't want to quit feeding and there's not much else to do - but just interested to hear if others have had similar problems breastfeeding when their babies were cutting teeth? thanks

KirstyM2014 Tue 23-Dec-14 08:15:52

Hi there, I am going through this now, my 7.5 month old had her bottom 2 teeth at 5 months and I didn't have too much trouble but she is now cutting her top 4 virtually all at same time and I can feel them pinching when feeding esp on one side, no blebs yet but certainly struggling with pain!! I know u said u didn't want solutions but I've been advised to try an exaggerated latch and it seems to have helped just x

Quietlyalert Wed 24-Dec-14 09:48:08

thanks, she has punctured the skin now so breastfeeding is agony! the top teeth seem to have fully come through now so hoping things will settle down. i'll try looking at the latch, thank you, though as she's a bit older she kind of does her own feeding thing and I'm not sure how easily it will be to re-educate her!

Artifexmumdi Sat 27-Dec-14 11:51:18

If she is 12 mo, you can take her off when she bites you and say 'No biting!' She will soon figure out how to latch without hurting as she won't want to not bf.

anothernumberone Sat 27-Dec-14 12:02:54

My ds has not cut teeth in years but I had awful trouble with blebs when he did. I got them regularly so I started sterilising a needle before a shower and piercing the bleb from the side and expressing in the shower. They are such painful little buggers the relief was immense. Definiteky do retrain the latch. Finger in and break the latch and no joy for baby until latch is right. Ds and I used to have huge fights until we got it right.

Me ' that is not nice you are hurting mum'
Him 'give me that boob and quit whinging or something to that effect'

Was you baby tongue tied or lip tied anecdotally teething was worse in these circumstances.

Quietlyalert Sun 25-Jan-15 17:54:45

No she never had tongue tie. Thanks very much for the tips. I've done the whole needle thing a few times, thankfully haven't had to resort to that this time and problem seems to have resolved a bit. Lansinoh's heat pads to put in your bra before feeding seem to have helped alot. Thanks again.

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