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Mums breastfeeding beyond one year - tell me about your evening routines!

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Quietlyalert Sun 21-Dec-14 15:13:06

hi all, i'm currently breastfeeding my 12 month old twice a day, morning and evening. the evening feeds usually last between 45 min to an hour and I feed her to sleep (she's never gone to sleep in the evening without being breastfed). In the day she will self settle for nap/s in her cot after a bit of grumbling. i guess the evening routine has worked for us until now so never felt the need to try to get her to bed without a breastfeed. however, i'm now at the stage where whilst i want to keep breastfeeding i'd like a bit of freedom in the evening and to be able to go away for a night to visit friends etc, and wondering about changing the routine so she's not totally reliant on me / breast to get to sleep in the evening. she's never had a bottle of formula due to milk allergy however she will drink oat milk from zippy cup in the day. i'm wondering about giving breastfeed before bath, then letting dad take over bed (putting her in cot and helping her to self settle). dad is not always back in time for bed though, so it may just be me for a while, and i fear she may refuse to settle without the breast.
i guess i'd just like to know how other breastfeeding mums 'do' evenings once their babies are bit older. do you feed to sleep still, and if not, what do you do. do you ever skip a breastfeed in the evening and either you or dad give cows milk or formula? also for mums of babies around 12 months, what time do your babies go to bed? we usually do bath at 6.30 then feeding by 7 so its usually 8pm by the time she's in bed and asleep, then usually sleeps through til 7. i'm wondering about bringing the feed forward a bit so i can have a bit more of an evening.
would appreciate any advice to help us plan new evening strategy! thanks.

GoogleyEyes Sun 21-Dec-14 15:19:40

I did bath, sleep suit, teeth, feed, story, bed. When I wasn't there DH just did that with the offer of a cup or bottle of milk, which was usually roundly refused.

They both accepted easily that when daddy did bedtime it was extra story and milk in a cup. Would that be worth a try?

Quietlyalert Mon 22-Dec-14 09:11:16

Thank you GoogleyEyes that's encouraging. just seems monumental (to me!) for her not to have an evening breastfeed, but she'd probably be fine with it!

GoogleyEyes Mon 22-Dec-14 17:37:10

Yup, less of a big deal for her than you, possiblygrin. Worth trying, anyhow.

mrsmugoo Mon 22-Dec-14 22:10:55

DS is only 9 months but we recently changed his last breastfeed to before the bath for the exact same reason as you.

DH puts him down every night now and he really loves doing it. I've also since missed a few bedtimes altogether and he's been more than happy to have formula in a sippy cup in the living room before his bath.

I feel more inclined to carry on feeding for longer now I know I have complete freedom.

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