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Really sore breasts

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tomanyanimals Sat 20-Dec-14 16:01:39

Ds is 4 days old my breasts are so sore and swollen he can now only feed from the left side and thats at a push does anyone have any tips as i dont see anyone till monday for advice

zinher Sat 20-Dec-14 16:12:14

Have you tried lansinoh? I used it very liberally in the beginning. You don't need to wash off. My baby also prefers the left side. My right side got really engorged bcz of it in the beginning. I tried hand expressing a little to soften it a bit and then tried to latch on baby. I also massaged it when baby sucked (the last one was my own idea as she wasn't enptying that breast and I was getting very very engorged.)

bambinibop Sat 20-Dec-14 16:18:10

Yes agree with pp and of you can get baby latched on try breast compressions while he feeds as it should stop the engorgement, just press down on your breast while he suck but stop when he stops or you'll surprise him with milk when he's not expecting it!

tomanyanimals Sat 20-Dec-14 16:35:27

Yeah using lasinoh its the engorgement that is hurting the most im swollen right round to my back and up to my collarbone confused will try massage he just could not latch almost like all he could get in was the end of nipple as it was too hard sorry tmi. Will try massaging it want to try and get it sorted if i can as my left one is starting aswell it gets better doesn't it?

Superworm Sat 20-Dec-14 16:48:35

Can you call your midwives or the postnatal ward for support? There should be someone there to help you.

If you're breasts are really engorged it can be hard for the baby to latch on. You can try gently hand expressing before a feed to make it easier.

Feeding frequently is the best way to prevent engorgement. It's tough when your milk first comes in but it gets much better and settles down after a few weeks. Congrats on your LO smile

HappyAsASandboy Sat 20-Dec-14 16:57:51

Painful as this feels at the moment, it is normal to be engorged in the very early days, and normal for the baby to struggle with the size/shape/hardness. In my experience, it is also normal for it to be very hard to get a perfect latch when baby is small and floppy, and boob is enormous and hard, so don't beat yourself up if the latch isn't perfect and you're a bit sore.

Things to try to help:

Hand express a bit before a feed to take some of the milk out and make it less hard. Or use a pump, just don't take too much milk off or you'll tell your boob to up production even more!

Warm bath/shower and massage boob.

Disposable nappy with warm water in it as a warm compress before a feed. The warmth will probably make you leak, but the nappy will soak it up smile

Put your fingers either side of your nipple and firmly press back into the boob to move the milk back into the breast from the areola. Latch baby quick before milk comes back down.

Feed a bit less often from the sore side if you need a break from the pain. Don't stop using that breast completely, but you won't mess up your supply or make wonky boobs just by using the more comfortable side a bit more in the early days.

Hang in there. My DC3 is 13 days old and we're well through the main engorgement phase. From memory (it was only last week!), I think the engorgement was worst for me on days 4 to 7, having had my milk come in on day 3 (counting birthday as day 1!). It really will get better quickly if you can keep feeding regularly.

I hope it gets better for you soon and your nipples survive the dodgy-engorgement-latch. Lansinoh will really help them - even though it's very expensive, in my experience you'll only need one tube and it'll last long enough even if you really slather it on after each feed. Don't hold back with it because you don't want to run out - you won't need it for long enough for the tube to run out smile

NotQuiteCockney Sat 20-Dec-14 17:27:13

Please google "reverse pressure softening".

Also: are your nipples hurting too?

tomanyanimals Sat 20-Dec-14 18:39:53

Thank you will try warm compress and massage i am certainly slathering the lasinoh on. Nipples are sore but i cant get him to latch properly as he is really struggling with that one. Will try and get hold of midwife again tomorrow i couldnt get an answer today

moggle Sat 20-Dec-14 18:43:38

It will get better, promise. You've had some fab advice, the one thing I'd add is that you can now take ibuprofen (as well as paracetamol) and I found these helped a lot to dull the pain. A couple more days and things will feel much better. The first day or 2 when milk comes in are the worst, so uncomfortable, I was crying before every feed.
Keep trying to latch baby on and as others have said hand expressing helps too.

tomanyanimals Sat 20-Dec-14 19:03:12

Thank you hes just managed to get abit out the bad one but its made the other really sore hopefully they will be able to help me on monday will try ibuprofen i think we have some in luckily, thank you everyone as i really do not want to give up but was on the verge especially as you can tell over my tops they are impossible to hide while like this.

MrsNutella Sat 20-Dec-14 19:18:33

Loads of good advice here. Lots of regular feeding and a gentle massage around the boob towards the nipple in the shower to release some of the pressure.
I live in Germany and they have some different ideas here about relieving the pain. One that I did find really soothing though was to put cold quark (like a thick yoghurt) in a disposable nappy and put that on your breast. It feels lovely and cooling when you're boobs feel massive and hot.

But I can understand the warm helping just before a feed.

Also, try not to use too much lansinoh. Apparently it makes nipples slippery and can make it difficult for baby to stay latched on. - I'm sorry, I know this is a little contradictory to other advice.

Pick whatever works for you & makes you comfortable. Your boobs will settle down in a few days. Be patient, you are both learning a complicated new skill. You're doing a great job!!

Congratulations on your LOthanks

LittleLostRoeDeer Sat 20-Dec-14 19:32:54

Some excellent advice already. I'd also suggest making sure you get your baby to feed as much as possible, it really is the best way to get that milk out. With both of mine, I kept to a 3 hour ish routine of change, feed, sleep in the early weeks and never suffered with engorgement. Express a bit before hand if you need to, but try not to do too much as it will just encourage your breasts to produce more milk to meet the demand. Have a warm bath if you can and dangle your boobs in the water. It's bliss!

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