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Tips for introducing bottle to a thirteen week old please...

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Thevirginmummy1 Thu 18-Dec-14 13:37:42

Anyone Amy suggestions? On the advice of my MW I introduced a bottle (expressed milk) to my DS at five weeks. She said Amy earlier could cause confusion, any later could be too late).On that occasion she was right, he took it straight away and swapped happily between bottle and boob with no issues.
DD is another matter entirely... Tried the same thing. Wouldn't have it. We keep trying every so often but she's a determined wee thing. It's not essential that she takes it I know but it would be nice to be able to hand feeding over to someone else every so often.
We've only used Avent bottles so far (tried two different kinds of test) so possibly could try some others so Amy recommendations would be gratefully received...

GinGinGin Thu 18-Dec-14 13:39:45

How about using a cup? A Doidy cup, which you can get from Amazon or one of those little plastic cups that they put pills in in hospitals. Babies don't need to be fed from bottles - they can have cups, spoons or even a syringe

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