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11 month old refusing milk

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bettyboo83 Thu 18-Dec-14 10:55:40


My DD is 11 months and about 3 weeks ago started to refuse milk. It didn't matter if it was formula or cows milk, in a bottle or a beaker or an open cup. She was teething at the time. The HV wasn't concerned as she drank water well from a beaker and eats well; she just suggested adding more dairy to her diet.

The problem now is she is refusing 'milky' food like porridge, cheesy sauces and even yogurts plus she is starting to spit out her water. She does still seem to be teething (aren't they always?) and she has bonjela/calpol, etc but otherwise her mouth doesn't seem sore. She isn't constipated at the moment and is otherwise happy.

Any suggestions of how to get fluids into her?? Thanks x

PurpleStripedSock Thu 18-Dec-14 12:44:57

If she's drinking water then I wouldn't worry too much. If you want her to have more dairy then offer cheese and yoghurt instead.

bettyboo83 Thu 18-Dec-14 13:13:34

That's the thing, she's starting to spit out water and refusing yoghurt! I've just tried her with a straw but she just chewed it! She will eat cheese though x

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