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How long until supply settles down overnight?

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1charlie1 Thu 18-Dec-14 06:51:52

This issue is related to my other thread about blocked ducts.
DS 7 months has recently been feeding much less frequently overnight, from a long spell of every 2 hours (grim) to about every 4 hours (yay!). This has been happening for a week. In that week I have woken for his 4am- ish feed feeling uncomfortably 'full' and with at least one blocked duct. This then leads to hours of me having to unblock. How long will it take my breasts to adjust to the new schedule? We're a week in. I am more exhausted now than I was when we were feeding 2 hourly...

squizita Thu 18-Dec-14 10:32:43

I had a change earlier than you (8 weeks or so she went from 3 or 4 feeds to 1 or 2 overnight) and my breasts took a week or 2 to settle and not drench the whole bed. I don't know if it takes longer or shorter when your further along though sorry.

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