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Nipped thrush and reduced supply...Please help!

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Mamab33 Wed 17-Dec-14 05:23:12

Have had problems with BF 6 wk old and have thought that I had thrush for a couple of weeks. HV doubted it but didn't seem knowledgeable. Supply is now diminishing and DC is gaining very little weight. HV putting on pressure for "top ups" to increase weight gain. Going to call GP to get thrush treated as soon as surgery opens. Desperate to increase my supply and get weight gain boosted ASAP. Any advice gratefully received!

GinGinGin Wed 17-Dec-14 05:53:33

Hi Mama, congratulations on your LO!

When you go to the GP, make sure that, if it is Thrush, both you and baby are treated for it.

Re increasing supply - lots and lots of skin-to-skin, regularly putting baby to the Breast.

MigGril Wed 17-Dec-14 06:03:27

I think you really need to talk to someone in rl about both these issues. Neither are easily explored on a talk board there could be many reasons why you feel your supply has dropped.

If you can't access any local breastfeeding support locally, ring the natinal breastfeeding helpline. Your HV should be able to put you in touch with any local support or if youhave an infant feeding coordinator at your local hospital.

Thrust needs to be qestioned especially if you haven't had pain free feeding before now. Good luck and I hope you find the support you need.

In the mean time on the website kellymom you'll find lots of useful information on increasing milk supply.

Ouchy Wed 17-Dec-14 06:38:33

I'd second kellymom, try la leche league phone advice, might even be worth shelling out £ for a lactation consultant. They really know their stuff. Breastfeeding can be hugely problematic and immensely painful to but the vast majority of difficulties can be resolved with the right input (and surprisingly that isn't usually from hv's or midwives). Good luck, if you can get past this it's worth it.

Mamab33 Wed 17-Dec-14 07:55:51

Thank you. Skin to skin is something I can do right now. Will discuss thrush with GP and have a BF meeting to check latch again tomorrow.

Mamab33 Wed 17-Dec-14 08:01:02

Shiny, flaky nipples. Antibiotics for DC and I at birth. Initial cracks and wounds from bad latch (now rectified) not healing. Burning pain after feeding. Shooting pains in breastfeeding. Itchy breasts. Decrease in previously plentiful milk supply. Any ideas for what else it could be most welcome.

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