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Going to explode!

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Nunyabiz Tue 16-Dec-14 19:08:20

Hey all. So here i find myself in Slovakia, with a 6.5 month old DD2. She is obsessed with real food and has gone on a boob strike. She has 1 tooth (had it for about a month so i suspect the second is on it's way!) but my problem is, my boobs are about to explode! They are like lumps of cement and the only time she will empty them is all through the night!confusedconfusedconfusedconfused It's torture! I have been hand expressing to take the edge off but has anyone any experience if this around this stage? Teething + more aware/easily distracted + just wants food. Did it pass? I'm in agony.
She's distracted

Nunyabiz Tue 16-Dec-14 19:08:56

Please ignore the last 2 words. On my phone and the app is rubbish won't allow me to scroll down!

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