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Fenugreek causing problems for baby?

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theruntsnextdoor Tue 16-Dec-14 15:06:09

Three days ago I started taking fenugreek seed (6grams per day - that's 2 supplements, 3x a day.) while it has increased my milk supply instantly, my 3 week old DD has been screaming in pain before and after feeds and appears to have a lot of trapped wind that we simply cannot get out. She grizzles and screams and cries, we try every position for winding and nothing works, she just gets worse. All that settles her is BF-ing again for comfort and then falling asleep at the breast and then doing a massive fart in her sleep. The screaming pain is incredibly stressful to deal with.

Is it likely to be the fenugreek? It is the only recent change I have made to my diet. I have looked up online whether it causes babies wind, but all I can find are people saying how amazing it is and how it had no effect on their baby at all.

Should I reduce the dose? Or stop taking it completely? Did anyone find it had an effect on their baby? What dose did you take it at?

squizita Tue 16-Dec-14 21:57:39

The difference in flow and quantity might be making her gulp some air? When my DD was littler she would be like this in the morning when my boobs were rock hard- she was used to less milk, so the gush of it affected her feeding. I guess if they've learned with a slower flow they need to re-learn with more.
I used infacol to help with the burps.
But I also hand expressed a little before the morning feed so she could get a better latch.

mangofizz Tue 16-Dec-14 23:10:48

I read that it can make both mother and baby windy, which is one of the reasons I didn't take it. Will see if I can find the sources again

Mamab33 Wed 17-Dec-14 05:04:57

What a quiz it a said. Well done for getting your supply up. Think I may try the fenugreek. How did you decide how much to take?

BakingBunty Wed 17-Dec-14 20:32:12

I used it when DD was around 12 weeks and I was worried about supply. It boosted supply within 24 hours... But DD had terrible wind and explosive poos. Was really distressing all round and I stopped taking it. It does work but approach with caution!

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