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Crying after (and sometimes during) a feed.

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Bellyrub1980 Mon 15-Dec-14 09:05:32

Hi all, I have a 5 week old baby exclusively Breast fed who has always cried after her feeds and often vomits. Although the vomiting has reduced a bit as she's got old.

Initially it was thought by my midwife that this was wind. So I give her Infacol and most of the time she now does big burps easily.

However, her crying persisted so I was referred to a dietician who Said the vomiting was probably due to an immature gut and the crying due to cows milk intolerance (I had this as a baby so not unreasonable).

I've followed a dairy free diet for 3 weeks and I'm not convinced it's making a massive difference. She's still really unhappy after every feed. I still have to keep her upright for 45 mins after feeding or she's sick.

What do you think? Reflux?

tiktok Mon 15-Dec-14 10:16:54

Belly, can you give more info? What happens when she cries? What if you put her back to the breast when she does so? Des she ever fall asleep contentedly and full after a feed?

Bellyrub1980 Mon 15-Dec-14 16:19:17

Thanks for the reply TikTok.

In the morning she takes a full feed. Both breasts and takes about 40 mins. She dribbles a lot out of her mouth as she's feeding and sometimes gags on the flow. I'm always quite engorged in the mornings so always assume my flow is a bit too fast for her.

Mornings are the hardest time crying wise. She definitely isn't happy after this large feed and will cry and cry. I often joke about how I need to get up at 6am to leave the house at 10am, but it's true because the feed takes 40 mins, I have to hold her upright for 45 mins after and then try and wash and dress myself whilst she's screaming the house down.

Her feeds after that throughout the are mostly 'little and often', 10 min max feeds (from one breast) every hour. She tends to either fall asleep at the breast (then wakes up and cries) or fusses, shaking he head side to side and wriggling, before crying again.

Occasionally she'll take a bigger feed but this often results in her squirming (in pain I'm sure) and vomiting. So I must admit if she comes off the breast I rarely offer her the other one because I'm worried she might be over feeding. I know this is really unlikely.

I don't think she has ever fed and fallen into a peaceful sleep that's lasted more than a few minutes. I talk to friends who are worried that they're creating a rod for their own back by feeding to sleep and I can only dream that my baby could ever do that.

The other thing is that she finds hiccups distressing. I've read on many sites that hiccups don't bother babies... Well they definitely bother mine. They make her cry.

I persevere though. I still always offer the breast as my first response to crying.

People ask how it's going and I have to say I don't know, because I genuineky have no idea if this is normal or if there's an answer out there.

Would appreciate any advice. I'm still be very strict about the dairy free but not sure if it's making any duffrence. She's always so unhappy.

tiktok Mon 15-Dec-14 17:22:32

Belly, this is unusual ....I think it would be very helpful for you to have a thorough discussion with a breastfeeding counsellor, a lactation consultant or an HV who understands bf.

The sort of thing you could explore would be over supply, or tongue tie....possibly CMPI but unlikely.

Do you have access to a good source of help and support?

I am assuming in all this your baby is thriving physically and growing ok.
It sounds a really challenging and exhausting situation - hope you get help.

Bellyrub1980 Tue 16-Dec-14 14:44:48

Yes I do have good support. Really lucky with friends and family. And she's thriving as in she's gained 2lb 5oz since her birth 5 weeks ago and is tracking her line perfectly on the 65th centile roughly. The only visible physical problem is she's very spotty, which isn't a problem at all really because the health visitor said its just baby acne

I'm just completely worn down by the crying. I have no way of making her happy. Feeding her just makes her worse, and it's such a high pitched squealing cry I'm certain she must be in pain. But I can't not feed her. Could I be over feeding her? My MIL thinks I am. She also thinks I should be giving her water. It sounds bizarre but quite honestly, I'm starting to wonder.

Today has been typical, crying from the moment she woke up (with a projectile vomit after her morning feed) till around now (2.30 pm), except for a drive in the car which lulled her to sleep for a blissful 20 minutes.

When we got home and she woke up the crying re-started. I tried feeding her but she cried throughout the entire feed. I'm not convinced she fed properly. I managed to calm for for 5 minutes with her cot mobile and she was smiling at that.

Then she started crying again. Really high pitched. She was also straining like she was trying to do a poo. Could it all be down to that?? Constipation? Her poos are liquidy... So that seems unlikely to me.

I've had really good advice from a Breast feeding consultant that I've seen once a week for the last 3 weeks. She has recommended biological nurturing technique. But says that her latch is fine and that I appear to have fast flow from all her dribbling and gagging at the nipple.

I've left messages with the dietician today to see if she thinks reflux is a problem. Also seeing the HV on Thursday.

About 20% of the time I can totally distract her crying with her mobile or her play mat. So it can't all be due to pain surely?! Some of it must be boredom, but her cries all sound the same.

My partner thinks I'm over analysing her and worrying too much. He also thinks I over estimate her crying. Maybe I do... But I'm with her 24/7 so it feels constant to me.

I could kind of put up with it if I knew she wasn't in pain.

tiktok Tue 16-Dec-14 14:51:28

It sounds like over-supply, to me....everything you have said points to it. Check it out on the web.

It is easily corrected smile

Block feeding - try it in four hour blocks, and give it a couple of days to see if it works.

Your baby absolutely does not need water smile

Artistic Tue 16-Dec-14 14:56:40

Can I ask what is block feeding?

GrouchyKiwi Tue 16-Dec-14 15:01:18

Sounds like over supply to me too.

tiktok Tue 16-Dec-14 15:05:46

A way of reducing over supply by limiting stimulation to the breasts - basically, feeding from the same breast only, during a period of 2/4/6 or even more hours, before swapping sides - google the term for more info.

Bellyrub1980 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:20:18

Thankyou TikTok!! I shall read up and try it.

While you're here, I'd be interested to know your honest opinion on the occasional glass of wine and Breast feeding? Just thinking with Christmas coming up... The NHS says 1-2 units twice a week is okay, but I'd value your opinion. Best to stay well clear?

tiktok Tue 16-Dec-14 17:28:37

NHS is over-cautious, some would say. gives a fuller picture so you can make your own mind up smile

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