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Very Lopsided - please advise

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pigeon1982 Sun 14-Dec-14 07:48:18


I have a three week old boy and my milk supply is very uneven with the left breast producing a lot of milk and becoming engorged and uncomfortable and the right breast under producing. So the baby fusses at the right breast, I always start with the smaller side and try and keep him going with it but he just seems to suck very half heartedly and doze off until I offer the left and he feeds well.

I'd love to know other mum's experience with this and any ways to even it out, also, I have tried after a couple of feeds to express from the small side but only a few drops comes out not even half an oz. Should i keep pumping? Is this still stimulating milk production even when the breast is empty?

So frustrated! Hoping I can increase milk in the smaller breast so baby feeds well from both and stops one doing all the work and getting engorged.

Thanks! Xxx

pigeon1982 Sun 14-Dec-14 07:49:25

Ps I had a similar issue with first baby 4 years ago but nowhere near as bad.

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