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Self weaned toddler wanting to nurse again 7 months on

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BuntyCollocks Thu 11-Dec-14 20:14:11

My dd self weaned at 17 months, and at a couple of weeks shy of 2 is now asking to nurse again. I'm happy to go with the flow, though she has no clue HOW to nurse anymore.

It's not even as though it's because she's seen anyone else breastfeeding, we're not around any small babies atm!

Any similar experiences/thoughts?? If she keeps on, can I help her relearn to nurse?

Babieseverywhere Thu 11-Dec-14 21:57:52

My older nurseling weaned at 4.6yo but a couple of months on asked to nurse again. She has a feed every week or so.

If you want to keep on nursing, of course you can...whatever works for your family.

BuntyCollocks Tue 16-Dec-14 20:20:17

Thanks, babies. I just don't know how to help her relearn to latch etc if it actually comes to it!

Souper Tue 16-Dec-14 20:38:47

Do you still have milk? My DS self weaned at 2.2yrs and a couple of months wanted to nurse. After a couple of minutes he said "no milky" and never asked again.

He had a taste of expressed milk earlier this year, that I had expressed for DD, and said that it was yucky! grin

With the latching thing, maybe say to her something like 'big mouth' - hopefully that might help?

Messygirl Sat 20-Dec-14 20:00:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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