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Toddler feeding and sleep

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bf1000 Thu 11-Dec-14 09:09:22

My 19month old can go all day without a feed if playing or I am away from them but if i am home they want to feed all the time. They also feed lots through the night still.

I am quite happy most of the time although I do have days where I get a bit over tired and fed up. My back is sore from awkward sleep positions too.
I just think that they need the reassurance closeness now and will reduce naturally in their own time.

But on times I worry that they are having too much milk/feeds??

mummypig3 Mon 15-Dec-14 13:08:28

My toddler is the same. Its a comfort thing. I dont think you can over feed them. As long as they are eating meals aswel its fine

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