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fussy evenings - 7 month old

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Misty9 Mon 08-Dec-14 23:08:11

For the last few weeks my 7 month old dd has been really unsettled in the evenings. She'll generally go to bed fine at 6.30 then is awake several times before 10ish when I go to bed. She feeds to sleep yes, I know and usually needs me to do this before settling again. OOccasionally, my husband can rock her back to sleep but more recently its all about mummy. I need an early night!

How do others address this? I'm not totally against trying to lengthen the gaps between feedings (I don't believe she's actually hungry) But we can't have too much screaming as 3 year old ds gets woken. She'll wake a couple of times during the night too. She has just started crawling and also hasn't been well with a chest infection but is over the worst now.

Grit teeth and get through it?

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