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How can I get 2 yr old DD to stop breastfeeding?

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spekulatius Mon 08-Dec-14 11:41:26

She still drinks all day and night. I've tried saying no but she starts crying 'Drink please mummy' then I feel bad. And obviously she's always pulling my top up anyway. I know it's not about nutrition, I try giving her milk in a cup instead but she won't take it. I work 12.5 hour shifts and she doesn't drink any milk then. Any ideas? Gentle ideas.......

dyslexicdespot Mon 08-Dec-14 17:32:21

I am in the same situation with my 3 year old. We tried to gently encourage weaning, but he was miserable, so I gave in. We are going to leave it for a few more months and see if he decides to stop.

Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful!

spekulatius Mon 08-Dec-14 17:51:07

Oh really? Isn't there meant to be a time when they stop themselves? I just wish that she could at least have a nap on her own so that i could do something but most of the time she stays latched on even when she has 3 or 4 hours. Went to soft play today and I had to bf a doll and a picture of a cow that was drawn on a bench as Would it be worth ringing LaLeche?

Jakeyblueblue Mon 08-Dec-14 18:20:44

My ds1 ended up self weaning when I fell pregnant with ds2. He was 2.5 then but before that I had gradually started to wean him with some success. I was co sleeping and feeding him loads during the night as well as multiple times in the day. I started with the night feeds as these were the ones that I thought were affecting my cycle (took Ages to get pregnant). I used a don't offer, don't refuse tactic to start, I then started by thinking about the feeds that were the most important to him. (Morning / night) and left these alone. I then picked 6 hrs across the night and day and refused to feed him during these hours. I then moved the times slowly so I was left with morning and night feed. Daytime was easier as I distracted with snacks, games anything I could. Nighttime there were tears but I just wore something high necked and cuddled him back risked. I told him thAt he could have the boob when he woke up. It was quite a gradual process. When he self weaned I was down to night and morning feeds but it took a few months to get there.
You have to be quite strong and stick to the boundaries you set. It actually want as bad as I thought and because he could still have certain feeds a day, it was much easier I him.
Good luck smile

Jakeyblueblue Mon 08-Dec-14 18:22:05

Sorry terrible typos! New phone confused

spekulatius Mon 08-Dec-14 18:32:31

TTC is the reason I want to stop. Had the implant removed in August and still no periods. And I didn't really want such a big age gap between the two but couldn't try sooner because of a new job. I was pregnant within 3 months last time. I also hoped that the change in taste of milk would put her off. But your suggestions seem good. Didn't it take ages getting ing him back to sleep though? That's what I'm dreading. We co sleep too.

Caillou Mon 08-Dec-14 18:49:23

I stopped feeding dd when she was 2.5yo

I used to feed her for comfort mainly and feed her to sleep (we were co sleeping)

We did it gently, explained to her that mummy's mi (that's how she used to call it) was painful and the doctor said we needed to stop the mi.

I stopped during the day first, using distraction as much as possible.

And as for the going to sleep, I timed it (literally) it started with 5mins feed and then cuddles and I gradually reduced it over 4 weeks by then, she was ready to stop completely.

There were a few tears the first 2 days but she was fine much quicker than I thought she would.

Jakeyblueblue Mon 08-Dec-14 21:08:39

We'd been ttc for months but I caught the cycle after I'd started to have the six hour gap over night.
It did take longer to get him back to sleep but not loads more. 5 or 10 mins. I found that actually picking him up and rocking him was better than trying with him lying next to me as he'd ferret around looking for the
Boob. The thinking about it was def worse than doing it. When I diff all pregnant, he stopped himself when I was about 8 weeks. Milk had dried up completely and he lost interest. Now bf ds2 and he's never once asked again! smile

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