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preterm triplets feeding help

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201418 Sat 06-Dec-14 17:25:29

My triplet boys are 36wks corrected age and are just out hospital from scbu. The hospital got them on a 4hr routine so we wake to feed during the day but night they wake themselves round 4hrs. We were told not to leave them 5/6 but with 3 we are not getting much sleep at night. What would u think?

ilovepowerhoop Sat 06-Dec-14 17:44:27

4 hours between feeds is an awful long time for a newborn. I would try and feed more often during the day (at least every 3h). I would still wake for feeds overnight until they are bigger/older. What weight are they?

minipie Sat 06-Dec-14 17:45:50

36 weeks corrected age, so not yet full term corrected? What weight are they? I presume they're under say 6.5-7lb?

I wouldn't leave them more than 4 hours yet sorry, especially if they are waking naturally at around that interval. You could try feeding more often in the day and see if they go longer by themselves at night as a result. However be very careful about leaving them more than say 5hrs as (I'm sure you know this) prems and small babies are more prone to jaundice which makes them sleepy and so they may not wake naturally when they need a feed and this can be dangerous.

Sorry I don't have any more helpful suggestions. I can only suggest taking it in shifts so you do first half of night and DP does second half. that way you both get a solid block of sleep albeit short. Is there anyone else who can help, perhaps in the days so you can nap?

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sun 07-Dec-14 02:17:26

Can you ask health visitor to show you how to tandem feed 2 of them for bottle feeding I find it easiest with one propped on a pillow next to me and one across my lap. Then either have 2 on same schedule with third being an hr later (or 30mins if they feed quickly) or you both do feeds n wake all 3 together really then you shouldn't be up for more than 1-1.5hrs if both up or 2-2.5hrs if on own.

I am currently awake bf 2weeks old ds and get 45mins to 1.5hrs sleep between feeds!

New born stage is hard going and multiples are even harder work if you can afford a maternity night nanny even once a week then do consider it as will allow you both to have one full nights sleep a week- make it a fri or Sat night n perhaps in time you could have someone do 8-8 n have an eve out a full nights sleep n a mini lie-in smile (a maternity night nanny who is experienced will cost you £15-£20/hr for triplets)

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