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10wk and bf still hurts

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marybob Fri 05-Dec-14 14:52:37

My DD is happy and alert and has plenty of wet nappies. I really want to enjoy bf, but am still having problems.

Her latch slips constantly even though I keep taking her off and correcting. She is still feeing for 30-40 mins, draining each side and still not full. Then I top up with formula which, I believe, compounds my bad supply.

Have tried deep latch and 'flipple'. When her latch is good and my milk plentiful, there is no better feeling than feeding her.

However, increasingly, I dread feeds instead of look forward to them and it's really upsetting. Am I failing? Should I jump ship and ff or persevere (if so, how long would you give it)?

Thanks for reading.

marybob Fri 05-Dec-14 14:59:54

...should add - she also has plenty of dirty nappies too!

butterry Fri 05-Dec-14 15:11:56

I think you are giving yourself a hard time and it's so easy to do when you want the best for your baby. If she is happy and has plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight then your supply is probably good and nothing to worry about.

Are you topping up with a bottle? I found using a feeding tube helped and made her suck stronger so stimulating more milk to be produced. I was also topping up with every feed which is very tiring but have weaned her off and am now just giving one top up at night.

Have you tried weaning her off a bit or not giving formula with every feed to increase supply? There are articles on kellymom about how to do this and she may not be still hungry after a feed but fussing-see kellymom website smile

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