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10 wk old possetting

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ash1977 Thu 04-Dec-14 23:24:54

Within the last few days my 10 wk old bottle fed DS has started to severely possett/throw up after every feed, and then intermittently over the next 2 hours. I'm really confused as prior to this he's only ever possetted very slightly immediately after finishing a feed, or when we haven't properly winded him (twice only). I don't think it can be the formula as surely it would have happened sooner - he's been on Hipp Organic and nothing else since 3 wks old. I'm also confused as surely reflux would have started sooner? It also seems to be bothering him quite a bit, he's generally amazingly content but over the past 48 hrs or so has been really cranky. He's not running a fever or showing any signs of illness, however. He's gone longer between feeds today but nothing massively unusual, he was on 6 oz per feed but I reduced to 5 oz thinking he might be overguzzling as he will drink to the end of the bottle regardless of how much is in it. The crankiness is quite wearing, never mind the constant vigilance for sick and the repeated changes of clothes. Does anyone have any useful advice?

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