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Breastfeeding sleepy baby.

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ElleOhElle Thu 04-Dec-14 19:19:26

Baby us feeding really well, just want to check this is ok or should I be waking him?
He's 3 weeks old.
He'll feed well then go to sleep, after a couple of hours he'll cry out but doesn't open his eyes, he'll continue to cry and opens his mouth edging towards the breast like he warns to feed, still eyes closed. He latches on feeds well but stays asleep. For example. I fed him at 2, he fell asleep, cried out at 4, opened his eyes briefly, fed and fell asleep, cried out at 6, fed but stayed asleep, still asleep now (scrap that he's just waking up)
Any advice?

IAmAPaleontologist Thu 04-Dec-14 19:26:52

Sounds wonderful, feeding with minimum fuss and a baby that is sleeping well and not needing a load of resettling afterwards. Are you co sleeping safely?

ElleOhElle Thu 04-Dec-14 19:54:53

I meant 2,4,6pm if that makes sense. but yes I have fallen asleep with him on me at night, although try to get him back in his Moses basket most of the time.

squizita Thu 04-Dec-14 20:52:23

So long as you don't fall asleep in a dangerous position all good!
Wish mine would ... She's awake and active if she's hungry! grin

IAmAPaleontologist Thu 04-Dec-14 20:53:23

I should read things properly!

Babies take a while to sort out night and day so it is pretty common for them to sleep all afternoon, be awake more in the evening/late at night and then sleep. Or sleep first part of the night then have a party in the wee small hours and snooze all morning. Or some just seem to sleep all the time.Hopefully for you yours is one of the latter! Things will change rapidly and continue changing as he grows. At the moment he is still so brand new.

You sound like you are doing just fine feeding on demand and responding to his needs.

If you are ever bed sharing though please have a read about how to do it safely

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