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Frequent bf grumble!

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squizita Thu 04-Dec-14 10:09:20

Nothing alarming, nothing needs solving.

But I feed DD on demand. After a lowish weigh in I started offering very frequently. Turns out she loves this! grin Every hour! Can't even fit naps in now... her or me. But that's a different thing for me to fret about.

She's happy in herself but I see other (breastfeeding) mums who can go out etc and am feeling major envy!
Had to cancel a trip to central London today (I wear her out and about and feed out well) in case she got hungry on the tube and I missed my stop!

Grumble grumble... 2 or 3 hour gaps like before would be a joy (especially as at night she is happy with just 2 wakes! Probably full from the day!).

grin if it were summer I'd go to the beach and have my boobs out all day!! grin

PuppyMummy Thu 04-Dec-14 10:57:05

mine would do this! but he would just snack every hour. If I offer it he will have it!

I find it better to wait until he tells me he is hungry (between 2/3 hrs) so that he then has a decent feed rather than a small snack.

in terms of weight he was little (6.11 at birth) born on the 9th centile, went up to 25th now settled on 9th (he is 6 months). he has never put on masses but not all babies can be huge!

in terms of volume he does a better feed and feeds longer if he is properly hungry than if he just snacks constantly.

remember putting on weight is by the volume of milk they hav, not necessarily the frequency.

squizita Thu 04-Dec-14 13:12:23

Puppy yep my DD is a similar size. She's perfectly healthy and only feeds twice night so I'm not too knackered either. smile

DH says if I'm busy wait till she's rooting and slightly vocalising (obvs not crying but actively signalling) rather than offering 'by the clock' as you're right who would refuse? Think I've got into that habit actually and I should remember feeding on demand is just that! grin She is an alert healthy baby and will demand!

PuppyMummy Thu 04-Dec-14 16:20:16

yes I agree, I wait until he is starting to get moany (he has a milk moan!) then feed him.

I found the same as he used to do every two hours but now really can easily go 3, I have to remind myself this when im looking at the clock wondering if he is hungry!

think you just have to trust them and remember they will let you know if they need milk! and dont worry about weight, I always think if he is happy, gaining weight and getting bigger (I can tell from his clothes) then I don't worry about what the 'charts' say.

squizita Thu 04-Dec-14 17:16:27

Yeah we have an over cautious hv. GP says she's fine. smile She just feeds longer if she goes over 2 hr: sometimes she's hungry sooner, sometimes later!

jessplussomeonenew Fri 05-Dec-14 07:43:07

I find that having my son in a sling is the best way to space out feeds... It seems counter intuitive but I think being so close to the source gives him both the comfort of closeness and the confidence that he could get some milk if he needed it . He generally dozes off well and then has a good long feed when I was take him out, breaking the vicious circle of snacking/hunger.

squizita Fri 05-Dec-14 09:49:03

Jess interesting as yes, mine sleeps in a sling or carrier. So maybe a tube journey of more than 2 stops would be fine! apart from the poo down the leg scenario I read on a funny blog and now dread!

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