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Ohwhatsoccuring Wed 03-Dec-14 21:07:43

Hi, am EBF my 11 wk old and my parents will be looking after her for a few hours next wknd. We are taking older children to the pantomime.

So I want to express some milk to give them in case she is unsettled and needs feeding (will be first time away from me for any length of time). Question is how do they store it to carry around? I imagine I express and keep it in the fridge, so do I then put the bottle in one if those insulated bottle bags? Will it be ok to give her straight from that even if it has been in there for a few hours?

Sorry for the silly questions. Also when would be the best time to express?

Thanks for any help offered.

bf1000 Thu 04-Dec-14 08:16:55

I found the best time to express was early morning.

I found that a few sterile bottles and then decant a small amount of expressed milk into one bottle and see if baby will take it. Sometimes baby may not take bottle, sometimes they only have a small amount and then will have a small amount again later but this would need a separate bottle.

hope this helps

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