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Nipple Cream

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mamalou Fri 16-Apr-04 17:56:33

I am expecting No. 2 in 5 weeks and am doing all I can to minimise the agony of b/f before I start. Someone told me about a cream you could buy that actually numbs the nipples but couldnt remember the name. Has anyone heard of this? I used Kamilosan last time.

hercules Fri 16-Apr-04 18:11:20

Good advice on latching and attachment and there should therfore be no pain. I would have thought that using a cream that numbs would be a really bad idea because you shouldnt feel pain if it is right and the cream will hide any problems.
Apart from my letdown I never felt anything with dd and so I knew all was well.
Have the number of a bfc close to hand and you can talk to them before baby is born.

mamalou Fri 16-Apr-04 19:35:39

I had loads of help last time but it was still agony. Hopefully this time will be different but I thought I would get some of this stuff just in case. You are right though, it may not be a good idea if it means it facilitates bad attachment.

Babyannabel Fri 16-Apr-04 19:44:43

Kamillosan (sp?) was great, doesn't numb but was a lifesaver for me. Good luck.

Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 19:50:23

oooh you need lansinoh

save d my life

Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 19:51:27

look in mothercare

mamalou Sat 17-Apr-04 08:48:38

Im going to mothercare today so I will look for some of the cream you mentioned - thanks Codswallop.

eddm Sat 17-Apr-04 08:55:56

If you do get cracked nipples despite all this, squeeze an extra bit of milk out at the end of the feed and rub it around them. Sounds a bit yucky but midwife told me to do this and worked better even than Kamillosan.

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