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How reliable is rooting cue?

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firsttimemumma2014 Wed 03-Dec-14 16:04:25

My DS is 7 weeks old and EBF. He feeds well during the day but very often and I'm worried I'm over feeding him. I always test for hunger with the rooting cue but he seems to do this all the time, even after I've just fed him. When I do put him back on quite soon after the previous feed, when I unlatch and sit him up he spits up loads of milk.

I'm convinced he's eating when he doesn't need to but if this is the case I'm confused why he is rooting.

Does anyone else's root around when they're not due a feed? Or is he spitting up milk for some other reason?

juniorcakeoff Wed 03-Dec-14 16:09:39

Some babies with reflux do the rooting cue after a feed (i.e. draining both breasts) because they want to ease the pain of the acid (one of mine did). On advice from HV I introduced a dummy. At this stage though it could just be a growth spurt and they are trying to increase your supply. If in doubt, feed unless your baby seems in pain in which case seek advice

firsttimemumma2014 Wed 03-Dec-14 16:25:45

Thanks juniorcakeoff I have my HV appt next week so will ask her about reflux. He is also a v sucky baby so I think a dummy will help but my OH is against using one. Easy for him to say when I'm the one with him 24/7!

squizita Wed 03-Dec-14 16:52:38

You can't over feed. grin He might like to suck - mine did/does.

juniorcakeoff Wed 03-Dec-14 18:15:19

Sorry you can over feed a baby with reflux, not that I'm suggesting this is the case here. I was constantly told I couldn't overfeed a breastfed baby until consultant pointed out he was feeding to ease pain but the overfeeding was causing further pain. That was an unusual case though.

firsttimemumma2014 Wed 03-Dec-14 18:20:10

I don't think he is in pain, his coughing spluttering and spitting up upsets me more than it does him! The frequent feeding does make it difficult to do anything though. Hopefully it is a growth spurt rather than reflux. Thank you both for your advice

RebeccaCloud9 Sat 06-Dec-14 14:17:34

re dummy - I was totally against them before having DD but no I'm totally pro dummy! There's a lot of up to date advice recommending their use and it really helps DD to soothe and settle.

Trooperslane Sat 06-Dec-14 14:27:04

6-8 weeks is classic growth spurt territory. Could be that.

Levismum Sun 07-Dec-14 10:43:05

Dummy snobbery...!

Easy for a dad to be anti dummy, try it. It might not help but i found it did.

PrincessOfChina Sun 07-Dec-14 10:48:37

A dummy worked for DD. She was bottle fed (Breast milk only for about 6 weeks) and loved to suck. They're recommended now I think to avoid SIDS.

firsttimemumma2014 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:24:27

Thanks ladies. I am definitely keen to try dummy - just need to catch OH at a good moment. Or try it in secret! ;)

Heatherbell1978 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:48:01

Use a DH was very anti them until whenever we left the house, we had to stop every 30 mins for the baby to feed. He soon got over it! Anything that soothes them has to be a good thing.

cookiefiend Mon 08-Dec-14 10:18:21

I didn't want to use a dummy but dd was a very sucky baby and had to suck to sleep. I used it when she was in the car seat and pram and had read there is a natural window at 6/7 months where they will give it up which se did with no problem- still bf aged 15 months so go for it if it helps.

Greenstone Mon 08-Dec-14 11:44:48

Dd is very refluxy and until recently she did overfeed and it doesn't overly help the cycle of pain and puking, I agree. I've started to use a dummy to settle her if necessary for car journeys, I with a screaming baby in the back. Dh is hmm hmm but I care not. Baby is our second and our first never had one so he thinks dd2 shouldn't have one either. She's so ducky though, she uses his finger as a dummy whenever he is minding her so there you go. OP you get to decide on the dummy because you're the one with her all day. End of! That said, you could use a sling as well to get your baby to go longer between feeds.

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Wed 10-Dec-14 01:59:42

when mine was this age I let her feed and feed as I got told "you cant over feed a breast fed baby" she constantly threw up on me. Every feed a little, most feeds a lot. I started to give her little breaks every time she unlatched. i'd burp her then leave it for 5 or 10 minutes. I hugged her and rocked her so she had the closeness then i'd see if she wanted more. She had no "full" signs so I had to do it to save our clothes and couch. It helped loads I found. Also she was a bit colicky so the breaks for winding and holding upright really helped to stop the sick.

firsttimemumma2014 Wed 10-Dec-14 08:08:41

Thanks all. Am off shopping today for a few different dummies so will see how we get on. And thanks sellmysoul that's a good idea. I have tried to unlatch him mid feed before and he has really kicked off, but I think I'll just have to persevere with it...

I have a BabyBjorn sling Greenstone which I've only ever used outside. Yesterday I put it on at home whilst I was pottering around and he was happy in there for almost an hour - definitely gave me more time before he was whinging to be fed again. Thanks!

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